Permanent reline

$200 Per Plate

Our facility recommends a permanent reline 1 year after the placement of a first time denture, and every 5-7 years following to ensure proper fit and comfort.

Temporary reline

$50 Per Plate

Temporary liners are necessary throughout the first year of healing for a first time denture wearer. As your mouth heals and changes, your dentures will become loose and ill fitting. Temporary liners can be placed as many times as needed to ensure proper fit throughout the process.

Lower soft reline


For patients without any bone and are seeking comfort for their lower jaw, or for patients with frequent pain in their lower jaw.

In a denture rebase, we remove and replace the existing acrylic, preserving the teeth from the original denture and applying them to a better fitting denture.

Denture rebase

$250 Per Plate